Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Starting the game we were friendly but that was wrong since the Aztec were the kind of empire to conquer other countries. In real life Aztec didn't know the Europeans had unknown diseases. During the game the Netherlands wanted our help to eliminate the Inca people. We agreed since we capture people for sacrificial offers to the gods, but when we had gone in the Inca gave us countries in order for peace. We accepted but that was something we shouldn't of done since it lead to bad things. When we had taken this deal the Netherlands as well as the Spanish had declared war on us. The Spanish declaring war on us is related to history since it was the reason for our downfall. Since diseases don’t exist in the game, our downfall can’t be the sickness we acquired from the Spanish. All of this was happening around 1520-70, where according to history, the Aztec empire had already fallen 10 years before all of this happening. In our game nothing really was like real history, we didn't fall when the Spanish came since diseases don’t exist in this game. The Spanish didn't declare war until after 1600 and according to history the Aztec didn't exist after 1519. The part in history where Cortes invades the Aztec with an army is relevant to our game except in real life it happened somewhere around 1520 and before in the real life many soldier of the Spanish had died fighting, but one of the soldiers had contracted a disease from a African child, smallpox.  When the soldier had died from the Aztecs they presumably looted the Spanish and so they contracted the disease.

The player in this game affect the game extremely since he has the choice of doing things according to history or he can do things his way, not according to history. The player like we did, can do things like instead of making enemy with the other countries in the our part of the world, he can make allies instead, like we did. The player can change if there will be sickness and disease, or he can change the difficulty of the other countries you are against. But the player can not change how the enemies will plan, what they’ll do on their next turn. I think if we would've be able to enable sickness and more stuff the game would of had a more logical explanation.

When we first started our game we noticed that our civilization was surrounded by bananas. We used these resources to our advantage so that we could expand our empire, and we found ourselves constantly making banana plantations. The further we progressed in the expansion of our empire, the more we noticed that we were surrounded by a lot of other resources that could further improve our civilization’s production. We got ahold of a lot of sugar, gold, iron and spices that we utilized by trading it with other civilizations for gold.

Tomas and Lucas


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