Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thanks to our wealth by trading and farming we were able to build more buildings, more cities and expand our existing ones, and by buying and building all of these buildings we were able to increase our people’s faith massively. Faith was important for the Iroquois, both in the scenario and for the real Iroquois, there isn't much information about their believes, they believe that the Great Spirit is the caretaker of the world, the thing that controls all natural things such as wind, clouds, rain, trees and the years seasons. We needed our people to believe in order to win the scenario. After a while our faith was great enough that we were even able to recruit soldiers with it, which later on led to that we had the greatest military force under that time. But even with our great power and massive army we choose a peaceful path, we were to mostly live in seclusion within our empire, only to connect with others during trading.

After the war, a group of the Iroquois moved up into Canada onto land given them by the British. The Iroquois got the land for helping Britain in the American Revolution. Others stayed around Lake Ontario. They were trying to keep the tribe alive and adapt to the “New America”.

According to history, the Iroquois was invaded by many European nations such as England and France, the Iroquois fought well and won many battles, but they were not immune to the diseases that the Europeans brought, and the Iroquois empire slowly perished. Until the British got in a conflict with the French that is now called the seven year war, if the Iroquois would aid the British, the Iroquois would get to keep their land and territory without any interference from the British, this alliance meant that they would fight as brothers in arms and also have trading relations, trading things such as weapons and supplies.

In our scenario we stayed in a peaceful path, mostly isolated from the other civilizations, we made our mass fortune thanks to trading with most of both the European and the american nations. In the game we didn't have to have to deal with any kind of disease so even if we had gone to war with the Europeans (which we didn't) we wouldn't lose any men to any kind of illness.

Sources used
Civilization 5

Christopher & Marcus

When the scenario started we were lucky to have so many useful resources around our first city. This made it a lot easier for us because we didn't have to explore the world to find other resources. Cotton, dyes, furs, gems, sugar, whales, iron, deer and wheat were the only resources that we could use at all, and after playing this scenario and winning, it seemed that it was more than enough. But there were resources that we didn't have access to that our people wanted, such as wine and spices, so we decided to trade with the only people that had these resources, the Europeans, and with our wealth thanks to our own resources, trading with them was no trouble at all.


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