Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Conquest of the New World

The scenario we played depicted the colonization of America by the Europeans. We played as the natives of America, more specifically the Mayan empire, and build up our empire while waiting for the Europeans to come and start colonizing there.

The most significant difference comparing to what happened in real history is the fact that the game has no diseases, which in history was one of the biggest factors to why many of the Americans died. Other big differences are ones that vary between playthroughs, and that is the fact that you have a lot of freedom in what you want to do, which can make your playthrough differ a lot compared to history. For example, in real history the Mayans were invaded by the Spanish, but drove them away two years later only for the Spanish to return and turn their empire into colonies. However, in our playthrough the Netherlands were the ones causing us problems, but together with England’s help we eradicated them for good, seizing all their cities and colonies for our own, making it play out completely different from what happened in history.
There is also a big difference in locations, as the map in the game and were the different countries are positioned is randomly generated. Although Europe stays the same, South America had a morphed shape, and central America was nothing but small islands. Also, our empire grew from the north-east coast of South America, while in reality the Mayan Empire was positioned around the Yucatan peninsula in Central America. However this doesn’t matter much as the spanish had colonies in South America around the areas we were playing in as well, which could have made history possibly still play out the same.

Another example of geographical errors is the Shoshone people, who in history lived around the east side of what is today the United States, but in our playthrough they were living just south of us, by the southern coasts of South America.

One last example of strange differences towards history that occur in the game is the birth of great persons. In the game, a great person can be born in one of your cities and they can help the progress of your empire by constructing helpful buildings. These great persons are real historical figures, however they are randomly selected and thus irregularities can occur. For example, in 1674 in our playthrough Jeanne d’Arc was born in Palenque, while in the real world she was born around 1412 in France.

Another example is who in the game is the trader Edward Harriman, who could be referring to either Edward Henry Harriman, or his son Edward Roland Noel Harriman. Either way, the fact that E. Harriman was in the game born in the 16th century in South America greatly differs from both of the real persons, as they were born in 1848 and 1895 respectively, both in New York City.


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