Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Student log: Conquest of the new world

In our “Civilization 5” game we played the scenario called “Conquest of the new world” In this scenario you play as a native american civilization that will defend against the Europeans or welcome them. Or you can play as an European power to discover and settle in America, peacefully or aggressively.

We chose to play as England, an European power. The scenario started at the year of 1492 and our plans for the beginning was to have a good naval power so we later could gain military power and control the sea. This would allow us to control all the other European countries.
From the year 1492 too around 1505 we started trades with other countries in Europe to gain gold and sometime in the middle of these years we discovered America which is a bit of the real history where Columbus that worked for the Portuguese found America first

Even though we discovered America very early we slowed down a bit after that and instead prepared for our journey. We got a bit after the other European countries and built our first colony in america 1525 while they had already built colonies. But our colony was called Roanke and in real history that was the first colony England built but they got it in the late 1500 century so we got there pretty early in comparison with the real history.

After 1527 we started to prepare for war, because the natives and Europeans started to dislike one another and when you looked at the formations and the troops the other nations started to build, you could notice that war was soon upon us. It was a good timing for us as we had already prepared for war many years before. That gave us a great advantages over the natives and a head start against the Europeans.    

It was the year 1537 when the threats started. The big nations started to team up and make demands from each other then the war started the year 1540. We joined the Mayans, the Spanish and the France in a war against the Pocatello, in comparison with real history the Pocatello people were very friendly to and liked by the European nations. But in the history we made, the Pocatello were hated by nearly all the Europeans.

The war changed everyone's positions in the “board of power”. When the war started, the Spanish were the strongest nation with the biggest military assets. But in 1551 when the war had been going on for a while, the Spanish had lost nearly all their troops. They didn't have the troops to attack and take any cities,so we just took every city the Pocatello had to offer and became the strongest and biggest nation in America.

It was just like real history, when Spain was the most powerful nation in the world and then sent their fleet to attack England, but an unexpected storm destroyed the Spanish fleet and gave England a chance to shine. And just as we did in the game, England in real history also took it and became the biggest power.   

/By Fabian And Joel H



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